Fri, 09 May 2003

Why does AmphetaFrames look rubbish in Mozilla/Phoenix/Galeon?

This is a known problem to do with the way Mozilla requires a web server to send stylesheets to it with a MIME type of "text/css".

In the current production version of AmphetaDesk (0.93.1), the AD web server only distinguishes between document types of "image" (gif/jpg/png), which it serves up as the relevant image type, and "everything else", which it serves up as "text/html". Morbus made a small patch to this section of code back back in November, but he hasn't released any new production versions since then, so the patch hasn't made it through into current code.

If you're comfortable going into the AmphetaDesk files and changing a bit yourself, here's what you need to do:


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Thu, 14 November 2002

Version 0.2 To-do

  • The normal AmphetaDesk templates include a screen that wllows you to remove multiple channels at the same time (checkbox selecting). AmphetaFrames should allow this as well.
  • Tidy up HTML output, make it XHTML 1.0 (transitional) compliant
  • Tidy up Perl code
  • Allow option for users to mark a channel as having been read (until the next time it's downloaded with fresh content)
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AmphetaFrames 0.1

Download this version:

The AmphetaFrames templates allow you to change the look of, and the way you interact with AmphetaDesk 0.93.1. Instead of having a single big page with all your channels that you have to scroll down, AmphetaFrames splits your browser window up into several frames. The main left-hand frame shows a list of your channels. Click on one of these, and the channel will be displayed in the main right-hand frame. If you have used Outlook (Express) or a news aggregator like NetNewsWire or FeedReader, then this kind of interaction will be familiar to you.

Please note that at this stage (version 0.1) these templates are still in a very primitive state. They probably will run reasonably well, but I haven't done enough testing and fine-tuning to guarantee a perfect experience. As such, I would recommend that you only install them if you understand the way AmphetaDesk works, and are comfortable with installing new template bits and pieces in general. If you have only just downloaded AmphetaDesk, and are hunting around for pretty new skins to try...this may not be for you just yet. (On the other hand, there's probably very little you can do with these templates that a re-install of AmphetaDesk won't fix.)


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